Pavel Tereshkovets (b. 1987) is a fine art and documentary photographer from Belarus, residing in San Francisco, California.


Raised up in a traveling addicted family Pavel began to photograph already in his childhood. He travelled with his old soviet cameras a lot and visited almost all countries of Europe as well as former soviet countries, Israel, the Jordan, North Africa and the USA already by the age of 20. “The feeling of endless freedom during these trips, – says the artist, – was the point where my inspiration for photography began”.

Having a stable job position Pavel was trying to combine his creative addictions like music, photography and writing with his work. In 2010 he quits his job and decides to dedicate his life to things that make life exciting. He starts playing in a rock-n-roll band, keeps on writing his first book and travels all around the world. It all serves him as an inspiration in his world of photography. In 2011 his surreal series of naked women “White Silence” picks up public attention and gets featured all over the world.

In 2012 he travels in China working on his project “Made in China” and then moves to the United States where he starts his ongoing photography project “American Prayer.

Pavel's works are widely filled with ideas of loneliness, isolation and emptiness. He tries to uncover the human being’s nature and his feelings, fears and instincts.

Selected publications / interviews

Fine art photography by Pavel Tereshkovets "Ignant", feature, Germany, 2016
"Lomography", interview, 2016
"Feature Shoot", interview, USA, 2016
"This is Paper", interview, Poland, 2016
"Ain't Bad Magazine", feature, USA, November 2015
"Aint Bad Magazine", feature, USA, January 2015
"Relax", interview, Belarus, 2015
Fashion Collection Magazine, interview, Belarus, May 2015 (print)
"SF Weekly", interview, San Francisco, US, March 2014 (print)
“Digital Photo” magazine, cover, Russia, March 2013 (print)
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"Fubiz", feature, France, 2013
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"The Gorgeous Daily", feature, USA
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"Protisedi", interview, Czech Republic, 2011
"Mull It Over", interview, UK, 2012
“Look At Me”, interview, Russia, 2011

Selected awards / exhibitions

4x5 Gallery, San Francisco, CA, 2014
“Professional Photographer of the Year 2011”, runner-up, 2012
“YouNITE” group exhibition, “Nomadic” project, USA, 2012
National Geographic photo contest “Eye on Sustainability”, runner-up, 2011
”PhotoWebExpo” online exhibition, Moscow, Russia, 2011
“Taste of Freedom”, winner, Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 2011
“Green Consumption”, grand prix, Minsk, Belarus, 2011
"FunHouse", group exhibition, Minsk, Belarus, 2011
"ArtHome", winner, Stockholm, Sweden, 2009