Interview for the 4×5 Gallery

In the light of the coming opening of my exhibition in San Francisco I was interviewed by Erika Soliz, one of the members of the 4×5 Gallery.

E.: So Pavel, where are you originally from and how long have you been making art in San Francisco?

P.: I was born in Gomel, Belarus on December 16th, 1987 and moved to San Francisco recently in 2012.

E.: On a day when you don’t make art or work at your studio, what can we find you doing?

P.: I’m in the process of starting my own band now because I used to have one back in Belarus but I had to leave the guys, since I decided to move to the US and that’s what I do besides my art.

E.: What are some of your ideal photo setting while working?

P.: It’s very important to stay as concentrated as possible while working. For me it’s like creating a whole new world within your head – nothing else does really exist for you while you’re doing art. Music helps me a lot here. I’m a musician, so whatever I listen to I then unconsciously try to convert to some visual concepts and forms.

E.: Who or what are your main influences in your photography ?

P.: I have a few photographers that I really like, e.g. Alec SothJosef HoflehnerPeter BrownHengki Koentjoro. I like their narrative approach to photography and the feeling I get when looking at their photos but I’m mostly inspired by some other forms of art like music and reading.

E.: Tell me about the photography exhibit being shown at 4×5 Gallery, how did you come up with the concept of this collection and what was the inspiration behind it.

P.: The series that is going to be exhibited at the gallery is called “White Silence” and the first photograph of it was created back in 2011. It’s still a work in progress but the collection was heavily inspired by Pink Floyd which I would listen to while working on each of the photographs. I think it’s one of those projects you work on a good number of years letting every photograph to ripen in your mind.

When I was growing up I was constantly taught by my parents that freedom is everything one has and should fight for. At the same time I was growing up in Belarus, a beautiful country with a horrible government. They consider it to be the last dictatorship of Europe that nowadays resembles North Korea more and more. And I think that this contrast between the concept of freedom being the biggest value of our lives and the fact that I lived in a dictatorship had its influence on me and my work. I’m always trying to stay away from politics though and you will find neither happiness nor sadness in my works. It’s something in between. Just a parallel world that has nothing to do with our brutal reality.

I think art is a form of escape for me, just like for so many other artists. And each time I create I feel free.

E.: Tell us what’s next for you and your work?

P.: I have a really interesting photo project in mind that nobody else has ever done before me. I’ll be traveling across the US for a couple of months while working on it. I hope to fulfill it within the next year or two.

E.: Lastly, where can we see more of your art work??

P.: My official website:
My facebook page:

E.: Exciting ventures ahead for Pavel, we at 4×5 Gallery wish him the best of luck! Don’t forget to stop by 4×5 Gallery – 442 Haight Street San Francisco, CA – March 8th for the opening of Pavel’s exhibition White Silence 5-8pm.