Publication of “Made in China” series

The series “Made in China” was photographed back in 2012, when I was living in the country. Back then I didn’t really know where I was going with my photographs. I had just a common idea of what I maybe wanted to have in the end.

I ended up with really weird photographs and I loved the feeling they had in them. An old poor communist country with weird scenes happening there.

And just a few days ago I got a link to this publication. The first publication of the series on a Chinese website. Finally!

The author of the post says I have a wrong vision of the country. It’s not that poor anymore. There are skyscrapers and everything, he implies. There is internet. I’d probably agree with some of his arguments. But the fact remains: it is still a communist country that is really poor. I saw Shanghai and Guangzhou, I know how their downtowns look like. They look like future. No joke.

Even Manhattan seems now like a little creature compared to those industrial monsters. But try to avoid the main streets and you’ll see how the country looks like for its inhabitants. It’s a weird feeling when you see everything from inside.

But I tell you this. I can only wish our former USSR had this kind of communism too. Because it’s absolutely different from what you may have seen back then in Moscow. In China there is a mixture of globalization and dictatorship. And you know, it seems to be working pretty well. At least for a foreigner.

I love the country.